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Birkenstock fitting and care

It's that time of year again! Your toes are screaming to be free and Birkenstock season is upon us.  There are a few things to remember about Birkenstocks when you try them on and after you get them home. 


FITTING: ultimately the fit of a shoe is up to the person buying them.  We can give you pointers and of course offer our knowledge but it's you that has to wear them and only you can deem them comfortable and the "right" fit.  The company recommends that your foot fits with the foot bed; inside not on the ridge at the back. You should see about a quarter inch of space around the heel cup.  Your toes should not reach past the ridge on the front.  The straps should hold you in but shouldn't be tight.  The arch support should follow your natural arch line.  Birkenstocks offer quite a bit of support and if you haven't worn them before you should take your time breaking them in and. It try to wear them 8 hours for your first time.


CARE: Birkenstocks are made from cork which is a natural, somewhat delicate, material.  Your sandals don't like to get wet (getting caught in the odd rainstorm won't ruin them) but wearing them when on the water or camping is not recommended.  You must keep them away from heat sources as it will shrink the sole.  So no campfires and do not put them on a heat register. They also need to be treated with a cork sealer, often called "cork renew" which will help protect your cork from the elements and seal it against further damage.  This should be done every time the cork looks dull.


Birkenstocks, despite the price and reputation, do not come with any sort of guarantee.  The company only protects against manufacturer's defects which is dediced upon by them and only found within the first few months of wear.  They are not protected by any warranty covering normal wear and tear.  Some people get years out of their sandals, others only get one season.  It all depends on your wear patterns and how much work you put into them.

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